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Car Vibration Upon Acceleration

Reasons Why Your Car Vibrates While Accelerating

Cars are one of the largest conveniences of our time that often goes underappreciated until drivers experience performance issues in their vehicles. One common performance issue that nearly all drivers experience at one point or another is vibration upon acceleration. Since this is such a pervasive issue, it’s common for drivers to continue driving despite the concerning symptom. If you experience this issue in your own car, it’s important to bring it to a specialist for an inspection right away to spare your car further strain and damage and save yourself some money in unnecessary repairs. Here’s what you should know about this concerning symptom and what you can do to prevent it:

The most common causes of a vibrating car

It is your automotive specialists’ primary mission to determine the cause of the vibration that you’re experiencing in your car; once the source of the problem is detected, it can be resolved with the appropriate treatment interventions. These are the most common causes of vibration that you should know about:

Spark plug issues

Spark plugs are critical for ignition and combustion, as they ignite the fuel/air mixture that makes your car go. The plugs themselves or failing wiring are often the culprit of vibration, as they put the engine under a great amount of strain.

Dirty air or fuel filter

As we mentioned the fuel/air mixture is an important ratio to perfect for optimal performance. If the air or fuel filters are clogged, it can lead to engine strain when it doesn’t have enough of either air or fuel, which causes vibration, especially as the car attempts to accelerate.

Motor mount failure

The motor mounts that hold your engine in place are instrumental to the quality of your drive. If a motor mount is cracked, warped, or damaged at all, it can cause your engine to vibrate intensely.

Brake wear

The brake system can encounter problems now and then that surprisingly lead to vibration while driving. Although usually the symptoms occur when applying the brakes, you may also experience them upon acceleration.

Suspension or steering issues

Faulty or failing suspension or power steering components are often the source of vibration upon acceleration. As the car generates speed, it puts more pressure on the suspension components – especially if the road conditions aren’t optimal.

Wheel and tire care

Proper wheel care entails tire rotations, filling tire pressure, wheel alignment, and wheel balancing. If any of these tasks aren’t upheld, it can lead to vibration while driving.

The importance of preventive maintenance and ongoing automotive care

Preventing your car from vibrating upon acceleration, or vibrating at all for that matter, can not only make you feel safer in your car, but it can keep your car performing optimally year round which leads to the need for fewer repairs. These are a few other valuable byproducts of preventive maintenance:

  • Retains your car’s reliability
  • Retains your car’s value
  • Extends its longevity
  • Upholds performance standards
  • Saves money in unnecessarily expensive repair bills

In terms of preventive care, there are a number of things you can do to keep your car from vibrating while accelerating. Here are a few suggestions that you should adhere to for optimal performance results and less intense and costly repair work:

  • Look for an automotive shop that specializes in the particular type of car you drive
  • Stay on top of routine maintenance and repair tasks
  • Don’t let concerning symptoms go unattended

When your car begins to vibrate upon acceleration, or vibrates at all while you drive, it can be concerning for your safety depending on where the original source of the issue is coming from. For instance, if the issue is related to the engine, you may eventually experience engine stalling, misfiring, or other serious symptoms related to engine performance.

Mechanic Checking Car Vibration Issue

What we can do to help

The causes of vehicle vibration can range in severity, and it’s our job here at Star Motors to assess the problem accurately the first time, repair it properly, and follow up with preventive care for ongoing future maintenance tasks. Our clients come from all over San Juan Capistrano, CA and other Southern Orange County areas for our services because we believe that high quality automotive work should be affordable for all – especially for the luxury vehicles that we specialize in like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, and Land Rover. To take advantage of our expertise and affordability, please contact one of our helpful professionals to provide interventions for performance issues.

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